Happy Chinese new year

We are the sum of the people around us. Every time we read stories of simple kindness happening around us, there is an immediate feeling of warmth. When we offer unconditional kindness to the next person, we help ourselves as much as we help him.

I don’t meet as many people nowadays, but the very few I meet lately have one similar concern: where are we going? Are things going to go downhill from this point onward?

Most of the time, I surprised them with my optimistic view of the future. But then again, I had always been optimistic (even when many thought a democratic change of government was impossible). My undying optimism stems from the kindness and potentials I observe every day around me in our society.

Despite whatever we say about us, on average Malaysians are smarter, more hardworking, more knowledgeable and more sophisticated than our peers from other countries in the region. If the world is a talent pool, Malaysians are the unpolished gems with huge potentials. It takes the right mindset to harness the talents and unleashes the potentials, but they are talented to begin with.

Of course, there are detractors among us. One bad apple does not mean the whole cart is bad. They leave a bad aftertaste, yet we can always pick and enjoy the good apples.

What has this got anything to do with Chinese New Year?

When you meet your friends and family during this Chinese New Year, please don’t spend time worrying about how bad things are.

It is bad, but it will not stay bad forever. If we have faith in the collective good and potentials of our people, we know there will always be a turnaround somewhere, sometime in the future.

That’s the choice I made. I chose to believe that we are a sum of each other. Each of us, each group, each component of what makes us a society, has our role, talent and contribution. We get here together, and somehow, we will cross any bridge together too.

We shall go back to our respective station in life and do the best within our sphere of influence so that more people can see kindness and potentials around them. That’s how we will beat whatever toxicity we feel taking shape around us.

I chose to focus on the one thing that I feel can make a significant difference – how to solve the pain points in the job market. How to match more job seekers and employers? How to tell job seekers that they need to improve some skills to be more marketable? How to help employers advertise more vacancies cheaply?

It is a far cry from the life of a national politician that I was. But I am perfectly contented and happy with what I am doing, because I know I will make a difference. If I can make the job marketplace more liquid, more youngsters will get a chance for full employment, and we will unleash more hidden potentials in the market.

So, make a difference this Chinese New Year – focus on everything good about us, ignore those detractors. No matter how far we progress in the future, they will always exist. The best we can do is to confine them to the fringe.

Let’s celebrate everything that makes us Malaysians and work on our strengths to beat the odds. Focus on our ability to learn from each other, what each of us brings to the table, on our resilience and tolerance.

Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at www.adnexio.jobs

May the kindness we offer to each other brings us together.

2 thoughts on “Happy Chinese new year”

  1. Thank you for sharing sahabat Rafizi, its good to know you’re well. Yes, let us all focus on the good and kindness, and make the right choice(s).
    I wish you well, and Happy Lunar New Year to you, too.

  2. Many of us should apologise to you regarding the true character of Azmin Ali. You were right and we were wrong to doubt you.

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