Happy Chinese New Year

Dear friends

Happy Chinese New Year.

It is more gloomy this year than previous year’s but as I always tell myself each time life gets tougher, this too shall pass.

I also always tell myself that life is akin to a coin with two sides. While we always want to remember the ups in life, the downside is always there as it is the downside that reminds us why the ups are so precious, when they do come by.

I can only pray that my friends all over the world look after yourself especially your mental health. A study shows at least one in three suffers some kind of mental health issues during the pandemic. We may think that we are not affected, but please don’t take it lightly.

We can only fall back to the people who love us most and unconditionally. They will be the ones who catch us when we are on a free fall to the bottom. Have faith in God’s love and compassion for His servants.

It sounds simple enough, but these are the common sense that can save us from being sucked by the bleakness of the world we live in.

It is going to be a very different celebration this year, especially to my Chinese friends who have to celebrate as modestly as possible. Some will not even meet the family for the celebration dinner.

But this too shall pass.

And in no time, we will get back to our feet, train our thoughts and focus on the ups cycle that will come next.

Because life is a cycle. For each down cycle, the ups cycle will always follow.

Happy Chinese New Year.

Rafizi Ramli

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