The subject of my departure from PETRONAS in 2009 had been a favourite point of attack by Umno activists lately. I was allegedly sacked from PETRONAS on account of fraudulent claim.

I actually did not want to respond, because it was a cheap shot. They could not find anything to run me down with, so they had to create a story on misappropriation so that it tarnishes my credibility. Tarnishing that credibility, in their miscalculation, will dilute the credibility of my past, present and future exposes on corruption scandal.

It came to a point that I feel a continued silence ignoring the slander is not in the best interest of the truth.
I did not get sacked (as most people can testify and know), I resigned.

I was promoted early in my career, entering PETRONAS as a manager straight away when I came back from London (after my 3+ year stint in an accountancy firm to qualify for my ICAEW). After serving at the PDH plant/MMSB in Gebeng for nearly 2 years, the corporate centre decided to move me back to the HQ in the Twin Towers.

So, at the age of 27, I was promoted to a post of Senior Manager (apparently it was unprecendented and I was told I was the youngest to be appointed to such a position) to oversee the overall business, operational and technology planning for PETRONAS’ petrochemical business, given that supposedly I had both the accounting and engineering qualifications.

Two years later, I was moved to head the finance function of the international upstream at Carigali, to draw from my previous work on taxation since PETRONAS needed to put its taxation in order all around the world at the time when governments begin to use tax non-compliance as an excuse to interfere with production sharing contacts.

By the time I reached 31, I had covered the oil and gas at management level quite extensively. I had been in the plant, at the corporate centre, worked in downstream and upstream. It would not be long before I was promoted to the next level. At that junction, I was faced with a dilemma. If I stayed on, most probably I would end up in the oil and gas forever because with the money and senior position, it would be too comfortable a life to switch. I didn’t want to be a one field professional, life has always been an adventure of learning for me, so the idea to continue beyond my 7-year bond in PETRONAS weighed heavily.

By fate, in January 2008, Adlan Benan Omar – a dear friend, a mentor and most importantly the single most important influence in my life (apart from my parents) up to that point, passed away after prolonged illnesses. When we were in school in MCKK in the early 90s, we made this foolish promise that we would make a difference to the country when we grew up. He was serious, I just played along because he was a super senior and my debating captain. I was the ever obliging junior.

Being silly, we held dear to that promise. He went to Cambridge, set up the United Kingdom Executive Council for Malaysian students (UKEC) and dragged me with him. I had always been a workaholic, so my presence was handy because I could turn his idea into workable events and programs.

When Dato’ Seri Anwar was sacked and humiliated in 1998, both of us went through a political awakening of sorts. Ben (as everyone called him) plunged into partisan politics to become the early pioneers of KEADILAN, and again he dragged me with him.

He passed away 2 months before the political tsunami of March 2008. On his death bed in early January 2008, it dawned on me that if he were to pass away, someone had to carry on so that he didn’t die in vain. Finishing the task of getting rid of BN and establishing a 2-party system (as how we always dreamt as youth) became personal to us – when he died, I knew my comfortable life in the corporate world would come to an end somehow.

So, by 2009, I somehow had made a career decision to move on. I never had any plan to enter politics even at that time, I just wanted to go out of my comfort zone. And tested how much, as a chartered accountant, my worth was outside.

On 30 April 2009, I tendered my resignation.

resignation letter

In the next 3 months, I settled all my obligations with PETRONAS including paying RM31,499.89 for the 6-month remainder of my scholarship bond, so that I had fully repaid every single sen of what was invested on me by PETRONAS. I also paid cash a sum of RM41,091.80 for the balance of my car grant, given to management level and above.







Fortunately, my curiosity to find out how much I was worth outside PETRONAS paid off. I had a much better offer outside PETRONAS and in August 2009 joined Pharmaniaga as a general manager, with a combined role of overseeing its pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Bangi and the finance functions of the group.

I was supposed to start at Pharmaniaga on 10 August 2009. Fate had it that on 8 August 2009, I went back to Kemaman to see my parents and co-incidentally Dato’ Seri Anwar was in Kemaman for his grand ceramah. So I was asked to become the MC for the night.

Ever obliging, so I went. Dato’ Seri Anwar was quite shocked to see me there, because the last time we met about a year before that (during a discussion in preparation for the debate on fuel price), I was not at all interested in politics and kept repeating that I would stay in PETRONAS.

He enquired what I was doing, I briefly told him that I was no longer in PETRONAS and about to start at Pharmaniaga. The rest, as they said, was history.

From that encounter, Dato’ Seri Anwar requested for a quick meeting and we met twice at Parliament. He asked me to come back to the party (I was in the youth leadership line up until 2004), twice he asked and twice I said no. Until at one point, he said to me that “you need to stand up and be counted, stop being an armchair critic” – he bruised my ego.

While I never plan to do what I am doing now, somehow I have peace because I have a promise to keep. And that promise Ben and I made when we were young is close to being fulfilled. What happens after I keep that promise is a different thing. Some people said I was so foolish to hold on to a childhood promise, but that promise keeps his memory alive.

Going back to the part on PETRONAS, I had a wonderful career in PETRONAS. It has given me so much that most of what I am now professionally, I acquired from my time in PETRONAS. And PETRONAS returned my diligence with the quickest promotion – a result of an evaluation of my career is attached just to prove how fruitful the partnership with PETRONAS was.


My resignation from PETRONAS was abrupt. A lot of people did not understand why I should leave a career when I seemed to be destined for better things in PETRONAS.

A lot of them tried to persuade me, including Datuk Mohamad Medan Abdullah, Senior General Manager of the Group Corporate Affairs (who was my boss at Carigali at one point).


He tweeted on 21 August 2012 to reflect how he tried to persuade me from resigning, and how there was no indication that I was planning to plunge into politics.



I hope this clears the air once and for all.

I refuse to be dragged into it before because it was a personal choice. It related to a death of a dear friend and it brought sadness to revisit that life changing decision. It was a private matter and I prefer to keep it there.

This is my first and last non-legal response on this matter. If this persists, I will resort to a legal action.


234 Responses to Of PETRONAS Resignation

  1. jmtan says:

    We believe you .
    Do carry on and you and your colleagues have all our support come May 5 , 2013.

    • Mahmood Mohamed says:

      Exactly,we believe you.Its their nature of doing to put slanderous remarks just to fear the electorate in your constituency. Maybe some damaged done there but don’t worry too much as the people of Pandan know your best. They know its the work of those unscrupulous agents. Getting your team to stay on track for polling day (5th May 2013) is the most priority. Know your options and ensure your team get things done. Insyaallah I pray for your best.

  2. Iza says:

    I cried.. All the best!

  3. gx says:

    well said bro, ini kalilah!

  4. Anak Melayu Johor says:

    Well done and keep up the good work. A lot of us are behind you. Kemenangan kepada yg benar insyaAllah.

  5. m jamil m saad says:


  6. Shamir says:

    This is just Awesome!

  7. soeploose says:

    Teruskan perjuangan Saudara Rafizi!

  8. JLK says:

    What a great resume you have Rafizi. You are one among many young and enlightened Malay I respect.

  9. Humaidi says:

    Takbir Allahuakbar!

  10. John says:

    Wish you all the best, Rafizi! I believe you are in the divine plan t lift our beloved country to greater heights!

  11. Khairul says:

    Rafizi, No doubt. You have made the right decision.

  12. Yang Razlan says:

    A Moving story indeed.And as a typical accountant you had all the proof to show. Auditing make easy hahaha.

  13. nasurudin says:

    You are most likely to be in this similiar scenario through out your whole life, like some chinese saying long you are under the instruction of a person, you will have this problem until you die. to counter this you have to be your own it in corporate or politics. all the best.

  14. Edward Awan says:

    Bro, what you’ve done is really fantastic,except for the die hardcore BN supporter might be blind not seeing what you’ve done to open up all the tin of worms.
    Don’t worry we all behind you and pray to the Lord to give you strength, courage and wisdom to fight all those corrupted UMNO/BN leaders.


  15. zaman says:

    Tunjukkan kita tak mempunyai tahap pemikiran serendah mereka

  16. UmmuAishah says:

    You do look like a person Petronas wants to groom. Setiap perkara yang berlaku ada hikmahnya.

  17. N says:

    Wish you all the luck in the world. Go get them, tiger!

  18. Lutfi Lukman says:

    You’re a man worthy of respect. Make it happen, bro.

  19. azrul says:

    They mess with a wrong guy. No worries, we got your back bro. ;)

  20. Raman says:

    Great career and great sacrifice to the nation. The nation need people like you, sir.


  21. Kain_Putih says:

    Jika rezeki PR diberi mandat sbg Kerajaan Pusat, minta ajari rakyat Malaysia (terutamanya Melayu) apa itu negara berkebajikan. Selalu dengar kebajikan di Australia dari rakan2x yg belajar disana.

  22. AMK says:

    Very inspiring..All the best..

  23. Narimah daud says:

    You have your own stand… We believed you… I have checked with your previous staffs… Do what u loved wheater coz of your late friend or whatever be as you are. I am sure you can make the different… Cheers..

  24. MFK says:

    You are destined to become Malaysia’s future Prime Minister…..Insyaallah…Please keep up your good work.

  25. Aidora Hashim says:

    Your story moved me. Money & power & leading an easy life is not our true purpose of life. As Muslims, we live to serve Allah swt in accordance to the religion of Islam taught by our dear beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w….& to use all the nikmat given by Allah swt to seek His good pleasure. May Allah swt bless you & those who do right.

  26. SG says:

    We will follow u! 5/5/13 is the date that start everything and end everything! PR

  27. Alpha Ngadan says:

    I’m delighted to know of your aspiration to change the current setting of Malaysian politics. I too am inspired by the likes of yourself and many more young blood in the opposition camp. You have definitely garnered my vote and many who share the same aspiration. All we want is, good governance.

  28. PCtan says:

    You are talented and the country need you. Cheers.

  29. mohamadazhan says:

    salam bro Rafizi. Pengorbanan dari tempat yang selesa kpd cabaran utk rakyat lebih besar nilainya. Manusia yang hebat mengorak langkah berbeza dari biasa. Moga Allah merahmati dan memberkati perjuangan dan pengorbanan itu.

  30. Mohamad Zawawi Ahmad says:

    Beside Nurul Izzah, you are another potential material to be the PM of Malaysia. Go on, the nation and the future generations of Malaysia need you.

  31. Anis Ong says:

    Your account is deeply personal but by sharing it you help us all keep the faith. Thank you. And keep going, Rafizi. We need you out there!

  32. Michael Ho says:

    I feel the nation needs more young leaders like you, who vehemently stick to ideology than other trivial matters. You are our hope to change the rot in the systems, the whole governing machinery is rotting from executive, legislative and all other anxilliary parts of the nation. Go Rafizi …

  33. my fong says:

    Even without this write-up, I believe in you. Totally.

  34. MAE says:

    rilek bro.. aku sokong PR sebab ade kau je..

  35. ehtan says:

    You are great! Carry on what you are doing. Ben would love to see that too. You are gonna be a history maker. I know you from the live debate on TV. You are amazing!

  36. Dear Rafizi and All Readers,

    I vouch on your statement, I was in Investigation and Intelligence Department, Corporate Security Division PETRONAS based at Level 11, Tower 1 from 2006 until 2011 as Investigator and Intelligence Coordinator, I never came across any allegation against you or even there’s no investigation paper being opened against you throughout that period. If there is, I would know as our investigation team is quite small and all cases will go through us before it goes to IR Department.

    Pak Wan

  37. iqbal says:

    you have always inspired me with your intelligence. Hope you will always have a clean heart and I pray that allah will always guide you on the right path.

  38. Ian says:

    You are a wonderful man! Friendship and honour are the stuff worth living for, not politics. But politics is sometimes necessary, to protect lives. Go, Man! Let them have it!

  39. Ahmad Syafiq says:

    Well, you’ve made the right choice. I’m glad there’s someone willing to fight to defend the taxpayers’ money from abuse, and that someone is you Rafizi. All the best in Pandan, winning or losing is normal. You’ll have your share of ups and downs.

  40. Zack says:

    I hope you will be a Prime Minister someday..

  41. momtaz ahmad says:

    As an x-PETRONAS Manager, I am impressed and may Allah guide you in your new challenges

  42. George Chong says:

    This write up is really personal and touching. We need quality and great leader like you. Hold on to your childhood promise.

  43. Ken says:

    You have my highest respect, Rafizi. You inspire me to rekindle my teenage dream, to make a difference in the country. Although for me, it’s not about politics, more for education reform. I hope your party will win, and I believe in you. All the best, Rafizi !

  44. hairul says:

    our future PM .. insyaallah …

  45. YC Lim says:

    I’m truly inspired and awed by you. Our country need persons such as you to lead and manage the people and the wealth of the nation. My best wishes and vote for you! Stay strong!

  46. Jackson says:

    He is a rare gem, truly a patriot and the people’s hero.
    May success, excellent health and happiness be with him always.

  47. fara fatihah says:

    U go Rafizi!

  48. Hafiz says:

    Great testimony pak wan!

  49. Izakisna Razali says:

    Breath taking. I wish you all the best, you are the sort of young professional that should bring our country to a better future. ignore the insignificant one, their expiring date has passed.

  50. shah says:

    Excellent…. Straight to the point… tp org2 UMNO paham ke dak ni…. hahahahaaaaa….

  51. Wan Khairul Salam says:

    I am deeply inspired!
    hope that you will be very successful in this coming GE13 and share the country’s prosperity to all of Malaysians.

  52. ahmad says:

    Wahai orang Melayu, bangsaku tercinta…..Benarkah UMNO berdiri untuk bangsa Melayu? Tepuk dada tanya selera…UMNO dah jauh tersimpamg jauh dari landasan asal….Maka, gunakanlah peluang ini untuk bersama PAS/PKR semoga maruah diri Melayu dibela. Mahathir yang memulakan semua ini mula risau kerana pecah tembelang….Marilah kita bersama mendirikan semula keadilan bagi anak bangsa kita. Kita tak mau keistimewaan bumiputera, kerana ia digunakan oleh orang-orang tertentu dalam UMO sahaja. Kita mau kekayaan negara untuk semua yang bersama-sama kita dalam PR. InsyaAllah kita kan berjaya..Amin

  53. akupung says:

    damn great story bro…made me proud as another son of the east coast state..leaving a good comfortable bright life in the oil industry to serve the nation is just inspiring…now this is far more meaningful…we re all by your side

  54. ZOB says:

    Way to go Mr Rafizi! U did good! And more good to come InsyaAllah! ;)

  55. Ramli Sarib says:

    I’m not a supporter of PKR or whatever, but I truly applaud your approach regarding this. Going forward, this should be the way Malaysian politic should be done. Facts and no emotional trickery to bait the fans/supporters.

  56. Farhan says:

    Ok….. Pls be the next pm.

  57. KaySie says:

    U r truly an inspiration to many & a true friend.
    Keep the dream & memories alive!
    Have faith & all the best. We believe in u!

  58. Mohd Muzamel says:

    Alhamdulillah saudara Rafizi, sebagai seorang mahasiswa dan juga anak muda bangsa, saya berbangga dengan usaha dan idea yang datang dari saudara. Semoga perjuangan saudara dan rakan akan mencapai matlamatnya InsyaAllah.

  59. Khairi Mohd says:

    Great success. My trust with you.

  60. Lee Wei Lian says:


    -Lee Wei Lian

  61. Sanjiv Sharma says:

    You’re exactly what this country needs – humility, intelligence and a deep conviction for the betterment of the peoples of the country. Your true higher calling will soon unfold in front of your eyes come 5th May 2013. That’s to lead this country forward.

  62. Wan says:

    Ben’s ambition was to become the PM.. so you should live that dream too..

  63. suesyaqira says:

    i’m so proud of you…. Just like Iqbal said “you have always inspired me with your intelligence.”

    May Allah bless you all the way….

  64. ahmad says:

    may Allah ease your jihad…

  65. Charlie Joe says:

    Rafizi, Am proud of you… after reading this … Simple, straight forward, most of all… it’s the truth… WE, Malaysia NEEDS YOU … Just do your stuff, your way… You’ll get it right.. WE are with you… !!

  66. Ginny says:

    En.Rafizi… you are the reason why I am supporting PKR. You are the only politician that i really love meet one fine day.
    GOD BLESSINGS with you and your family always.

  67. Jimi says:

    My first encounter with Mr. Rafizi was during my induction program back in April 09 in which he was the speaker sharing his experience (both good and bad) working for Petronas.

    It was a one kind of a session and I still remember it until today. Who would expect he tendered his resignation on the same month, perhaps few days after the sharing session.

    All the best and may Allah grant Mr Rafizi steadfast and guidance our strive for a better nation.

  68. Antares says:

    I am so proud to have shared your joy at your wedding and to include you as a friend, Rafizi. And even gladder to see my prediction come true that it won’t be long before Rafizi Ramli is appointed to the new cabinet!

  69. Atok says:

    This brilliant young man will change our political landscape soon!!
    Keep it up with good works Rafizi..:{)

  70. Les says:

    to differentiate ‘White as white, black as black’ , you once said in one of your talks. Many leaders & their followers, of our country had lost this ability. Sad.

  71. Kl says:

    Awesome, you deserved to be up there…God bless Malaysia.

  72. beng says:

    I do not know you,also one that do not like to make comments on politics as very hard to distinguish what is real.I have listened to few of your talks on many matters.At 55 and I hv mixed with lots of people,I certainly aware matters of truth in the country.You one person I truly respect and I like to say is don’t regret at all on walking this path.I am sure you have a very clear conscience.You already won in your heart you sincerely want and hope to make a better Malaysia & a better life for all Malaysian.It don’t matter that much in the end win or lose.Matter more I am so happy to see and know some one like you a true Malaysian who truly want to care & showing love for its fellow Malaysian.I do not hate those who lie,abuse their powers,corrupt etc..they are lost and pity on them,they need more help to wake them up.Just know for yourself you have tried and many people out there also know you all have tried real hard..I just wish you & family be happy..

  73. Betty Yap says:

    You are great, hope you can be our future PM, quality and great leader for Malaysian. Keep up your good works and God bless you with good leadership and loving heart for all Malaysian.

  74. Juraimi Zainal says:

    Good Luck Bro.. We’ll support you as much as possible.. May Allah swt bless you..

  75. Saufi says:

    We do support ex-Petronas that shines bright. Keep it up bro Rafizi. :)

  76. C. Chen says:

    Thank you for sharing. It makes it all the more meaningful to all of us who are rooting for you at Pandan 100. Am proud to be Malaysian with young leaders of your calibre.

  77. hcl says:

    As salam mualaikum. We met once in a meeting while working for that company. What was said about you was a low blow. But it is fitnah and if there is any truth in what they say that until whoever is responsible for the fitnah obtains forgiveness from you, all his merits will be yours and may all your misfortunes, sickness and troubles will be his. May he never be able to find you to seek your forgiveness. Like you, I left the company and quite a few times when I seemed to have made the wrong decision, the thought that someone of yout capability and future also left, gave me the confidence and assurance that i did the right thing too.

  78. as salam rafizi ramli.well done and you are the hope for our young generation.we only want a good governance in this lovely land of Malaysia.pray n hope u wil be the next Prime Minister in years to come.

  79. Olive Popeye says:

    Semoga Allah memberi kekuatan kepada Saudara Rafizi, kami senantiasa mendoakan.Ini lah masa yg kami sekeluarga tunggu tunggu, untuk melakukan perubahan pada negara, tanggal Mei,5,2013 inshallah sama kita lakukan… Moga Moga Allah permudahkan.

  80. La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah…….May the truth prevail……InsyaAllah.

  81. william says:


  82. Noor Ainun Yang Rashdi says:

    When your dear friend Allahyarham Ben roped you in, he knew who you were. Both of you had this unbridled passion and belief that Malaysia can be a better place. Those seemingly silly dreams were actually your vision. If it had been truly a silly thing you would have abandoned when Ben is no longer with you.

    Both of you have now shared that vision with some youths. They believe in you and trust you to bring all of us into a better Malaysia.

    Go young Man, bring that ‘silly dreams’ all the way.

    May Allah pave you the way . Amin.

  83. Daniel Ng says:

    I will be very honest and sincere here in this comment. Somehow, I believe you can be our future pm. I do believe in you and admire your competency.

  84. cks says:

    Salute from Chinese! You are a good proof to show that malay can be better then chinese in all fields. Just have to stand up and ne freed from the oppressors like BN cronies. Highly salute you!

  85. a pseudonym says:

    Mr. Rafizi, thank you for sharing a bit about your past with us. I am so relieved that Malaysia has relatively young politicians such as yourself so readily willing to serve the country. I hope Malaysians will have the privilege of counting you as one of its leaders for a brighter future.

  86. manjoi says:

    i believe all responsible malaysian r proud of u….keep up d good work.Insya’allah….tuhan selau bersama orang yg benar. If only that idiot “Ketua Permuda UMNO” have the same guts, balls,intelligence and soul like u Malaysia would have been a develop country many years ago.
    Keep up the good work.

  87. Alex Ang says:

    You are my idol. Your words delivered stunning qualities of fact and truth about BN & UMNO from your video in youtube.
    You had great talent in your profession and definitely a qualified leaders to represent the rakyat of Malaysia.
    Hold on tight on your childhood promise, we will fulfilled the promise with you together.

  88. Mohammad Ali Ismail says:

    this really touches me !
    hold on to your “childhood promise” and may allah see to it that you get it.
    conscience, tenacity and believing in allah – this you must hang on to.

    all the best.

    MAI co65 idhse

  89. ismkop says:

    You are definately much much better than what we had among the last cabinet will be a minister soon. mark my work..;)

  90. Jack lee says:

    I salute you for daring to come off your comfort zone, for we know, note everybody has the courage and boldness to do that. May your future endeavours pay off meaningfully.


  91. Lloyd says:

    Man, I did not know who you are at all – somehow I stumbled upon this blog.

    I signed up specifically to tell you how much I respect you. You are one of the very few malays that I respect. You truly deserve whatever Malaysia can give back to you. You will be one of them who moulds and shapes a better future.

    We need great, charismatic and strong characters like you – a people’s leader who can stand up to the corrupt. You are the Harvey Dent of Malaysia.

  92. Kamal Imran says: minister in the making…well done bro..right behind you…

  93. Wan says:

    Once PR takes over Putrajaya, it will be prudent to send you back to Petronas to clear up all the mess there. There is no one better than you bro. All the best.

  94. Tahir Ali says:

    I am looking at PRU 14 and beyound…and if people don’t see in you what I see…they must be blind!

  95. indra says:

    We’re with u rafizi !

  96. Gary Sim says:

    Love this article. From the way you articulate we can tell you are a man of substance. We are with you all the way, bro. Just one thing though, with all this excellent english write up, are you sure all those idiots and low lives in BN can understand?.

  97. Tanuj Patmanathan says:

    Big man, Brave heart, a worthy leader. Your story indeed was very moving and as a fellow Malaysian, i, like many others are immensely proud to know that there are people like you out there. Stay strong, mate. You will do well. Very well indeed!

  98. Fauzy says:

    hope to see you as malaysian prime minister one day after DSAI….cheers…

  99. Sai says:

    Malaysia needs a great Leader like you! Well Done! Good luck! Hoping that this coming GE13 will be the end for the King of Corruption.

  100. faiza wahab says:

    There are not many charismatic young leaders in Malaysia today with the level of maturity, intelligence and endurance you have thus far displayed. Life could have been cushy if you had stuck around Petronas but what a loss would that have been to the Malaysian politics! Keep up the good work. Bravo!- to making a hard decision and sticking to it. Your friend wiuld have been proud of you.

  101. Bart says:

    All the best. For the people.

  102. Ahmed Puzy Said says:

    A comprehensive & meticulous response to shut them up…bravo! More expose the next five years please.

  103. Politics aside, I applaud your measured and calm response to wild allegations. I have seen your conduct in Youtube debates and listened to your speeches. You are a good example of how young Malaysian should behave. I am sure you have inspired many young people.

    The personal attack has only damaged the reputation of the perpetrators. No long-term damage has been done on you.

    Thank you also for inspiring me. Take care.

  104. J says:

    Reading this marks a great belief that one day (perhaps 5th May 2013), things will be better. And having friends at your back charging forward is all you need for now. Thanks for sharing every detail of it. Let’s do it for Ben!

  105. Anonymous says:

    - Ini Kalilah -
    Semoga Semua Pihak2 Bertanding Berkempen Dengan Penuh Integrity

    Harapkan PRU13 Lebih Seimbang + Adil

    Biarlah Rakyat Membuat Pilihan
    Kami Pilih Mengundi

  106. Seasons says:

    I don’t understand how this is relevant. Every now and then there are people who quit their job to pursue their dreams. Just because you’re into politics, doesn’t make your story any better than others. I know people are going to bash me and what not for this comment, but as PKr pursuing freedom of speech, then take this as a right of mine to voice out what I feel as much as others who will bash my comment as their right to voice how they feel.

    Whatever it is, I can only say its wonderful to hear that you quit your job to pursue your dreams. As far as I’m concerned, this story just go as far as inspiring me to do the same to pursue my dream. Nothing more.

    *I wish to clarify i have no intention of hurting anyone or any political party in this comment. It is merely an opinion and I understand that, like every other opinion, it is not necessarily will be agreed upon by everyone. Thank you.

    • Hadi Azmi says:

      He is writing this to answer allegations that he was sacked from Petronas for fraud. He is not writing it to tell the whole world that ‘oh, I am this great guy who quit the rat race to pursue my dream to do good’. That impression came from people reading this article, because frankly, how many politician out there that are willing to write on a topic that touches on a personal issue?

  107. Mat says:

    Brave heart! We are supporting you Rafizi for the betterment of this country tanahairku Malaysia tercinta!

  108. Diana Yahya says:

    Moga roh abg Ben dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yg beriman.. amin.

  109. Peter Sinniah says:


    They just don’t know when to stop. The future of the country is in the hands of the younger generation like you. What you have done is DESTINY. No one can stop you.

  110. joshua says:

    truly an inspiration to a returning graduate from the uk myself. i just hope that i’ll be going back to a brighter and better malaysia! all the very best for the coming elections :)

    as they say; blessed is he who loves his job

  111. happyking says:

    For once, we are seeing the next generation speaking with such integrity that the bloody racist UMNO just couldn’t comprehend the importance of a unified country instead of promoting division within the country and unity outside of the country. Developed nations promote unity within the country and also outside the country. 50 years of divisive policies and self enriching attitude promoted by UMNO has destroyed the fabric of a possible ethical and socially esteemed nation. Good luck Rafizi….hope you go on championing good values and of course policies…. To hell with UMNO.

  112. enhafiz says:

    salute bro. salute my future PM. i will help u n PR. 5 may should hv to start everything n everything.

  113. Malkit Singh says:

    You are great guy.May God be with you always.

  114. Dr R Azrin says:

    Good Choice Mate…U stuck to your guns and do what U felt was right…not Wright….

    As long as we are happy…and we repaid our dues… Allah will Guide you thru…

    Good luck

  115. chempaka says:

    Slmt maju jaya utk sdra! Cabaran dan dugaan ada di mna2 apatah lagi
    Bila pihak musuh melihat kekuatan yakin jika kita bnr dn ikhlas berjuang, insya Allah,
    rezeki di pihak kita.satu sja hrpn, moga sdra mjd diri sdra dn sdra adalah sdra yg kami kenali hr ini sekiranya diberi rezeki mng di PRU nnti.
    Jom kita UBAH!

  116. robert guda says:

    sticking up to your childhood dreams is a grownup mans thing.
    my respect to your loyalty and beliefs.
    May you be Blessed for the rest of your life.

  117. Rizal Abdullah says:

    Ben was a great inspiration to so many of us. Make him proud bro.

  118. B Singh says:

    Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing, you choose to do something, this shall unite all like minded citizens in out quest to get rid Malaysia of it’s corrupt ruling parties. Cheers mate

  119. anahsak says:

    Pencapaian dan integeriti anda amat membanggakan. Usah hiraukan fitnah dan penghinaan mereka. Teruskan perjuangan anda dan kami Doa’kan semoga anda dan pasukan orang-orang Muda berjaya merubah sinario politik ke suatu tahap lebih bertamadun dan bertaraf dunia. Tahniah anak MELAYU kampung! Jadikanlah Rasulullah SAW idola sepanjang hayat anda, insyallah selamat.

  120. Lin says:

    Aspiring, notable & respectable! Full respect to Mr. Rafizi! A true leader in all aspects! We will do the necessary to support you!

  121. Ching SJ says:

    Rafizi, we Kemaman folks are proud of you.

  122. ramlan says:

    Semuga Allah beserta kita dalam perjuangan menegakkan syiar Islam. Takbirrrr…….

  123. Malcolm Leon D'Silva says:

    Saudara Rafizi,

    There are so many of us whom support you.
    Keep up the good fight for a better Malaysia.
    We’ve got your back!

    Ini kalilah…


  124. erik says:

    Soldier on, Mr. Rafizi. For the future of the country and generations to come, I pray that PR will win in this GE.

    P.s.:- The story about your senior Ben is really moving. Suddenly I get MJ’s “Ben” playing in my head. :)

  125. cikgu says:

    As a lecturer who have taught many Petronas Scholars at pre- u level,I’m so proud of you.
    As a rakyat who also hails from Kemaman,I am even prouder that my little hometown has produced a gem like you.
    You are God-sent to make this place a better world, to keep justice prevail.
    May God bless you.

  126. Magellan says:

    Words of wisdom from a potential leader! Hope you make it!

  127. Julian says:

    Raf, you are a man of value. I would like to meet you if I have the chance. We need more people like you.

    ICAEW…this is one hell of qualification…

    If you ever come to Kota Kinabalu….do let me know. I knew you were here in KK last year..but I did not manage to come to your talk.

    Take care and…change for the better Malaysia.

  128. Razman ramali says:

    we support inspires more young Malaysians to be brave than ever since ‘isu lembu’..lawan tetap lawan untuk kebenaran.

  129. H. Aisyah says:

    Lillahita’ala …..

  130. Steven says:

    This…is inspiring.

    Please keep up the good work.


  131. Rafi says:

    Faith in Malaysia’s future restored.

  132. lorky says:

    i truly inspired. many thanks.

  133. Nonama says:

    Good bro, its a jungle out there. Don’t get burn out

  134. abdullah says:

    No worries bro..there are so many obstacles to arise the propagation of truth..just firm in 1 word “ISTIQAMAH” & Allah will helps us insyaAllah….

  135. Salina says:

    We need an intelligent, smart and competent person like you now…go for it bro..

  136. Sadik DGreat says:

    perghhhh terbaeeek bro! 5/5 aku undi hang kat Pandan yeehaaa!!
    undiku bukan rahsia lagi hehe..

  137. ash says:

    Alfatihah utk Ben.

    May Allah guide u all the way and probably someday with Allah help go back to Petronas to lead from the top and bring it to higher level.
    Take care.

  138. Fitri Shukri says:

    You are a beacon of hope… Thank you bro… Siiru ala barkatillah

  139. zw says:

    all the best. i support you

  140. Kim Kah Hwi says:

    Malaysia need such a intelligent & genius to lead the country not the corrupted UMno mind which only thing about how to gain wealth with Bumiputra status!! If Malaysia want to be a developed nation should listen to PM Lee Kuan Yew only appreciate & welcome the genius people to come to Singapore to develop the economy regardless races of origin. Surely you been aware that all developed countries like USA, UK & Australia will never recognise your origin as all citizen are equal opportunity in Education, business & Gorvernment service. I strongly urge YB Rafizi can build a truely Malaysia for all Malaysian regardless the race origin. NO more chinese, Malay, Iban, Kadazan or India. Only one Malaysia to unite us together to build a strong nation without corrupted UMno mind.

  141. Yusri N says:

    keep up the good work bro..focus for the rakyat…

  142. Erik Lai says:

    Rafizi, Thank you for your integrity and for standing up to make a difference. You have made us proud to be Malaysians and continue to fight for truth, freedom and justice! We are proud of you and you have our support!

    “Seek not greatness, but seek truth and you will find both.”
    Horace Mann

  143. Abu sofean says:

    Wish if I could emulate Rafizi…

  144. Wong says:

    You have my support bro!

  145. jubir baharom says:

    more on Islamic thinking

  146. Salman says:

    We have full confidence in Rafizi and Pakatan Rakyat to govern Malaysia , should they take over Putrajaya. UMNO/BN is using all kind of dirty tactics to paint a negative image of Pakatan and its people by attacking individuals and policies. What Pakatan Rakyat is doing which actually will benefit the Majority of Malaysians. We will defend the truth and give powerful mandate for Pakatan to rule with datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as our 7th Prime Minister.

  147. Melvin Jee says:

    Hi, I can feel your sincerity from post. Keep it up!!

  148. AsSalammualaikum
    kita pertama bertemu di Tamrin PAS di Darul hidyah hulu langat pada 1989…sama kursus adik sidq fadhil presiden ABim. YB subki latif ada ceramah pada tamrin tersebut. Tak sangka Tuan menjadi pemimpin. Tuan heBAT .saya Doakan Tuan berjaya cemerlang Dan mendapat redhA daripada Allah

  149. YTQY says:

    I deal with the oil company you were in, a couple of them whom I hold it dear and consider good friend left, their reason may not same as you but one thing in comment is they don’t like the comfort zone they are in. People are trying all their best to live a comfort life and secure career but once they are in for a season, those with Eagle mind will start to realize comfort zone can only turn an eagle to sparrow. I don’t know you but I like your attitude but bear in mind there are full of challenge ahead of you and that we call LIFE and as long as you are on the right track, Allah be with you.

  150. hamba Allah says:

    n when u do …become a PM one day…pls act according to the Islamic way of bringing up a nation…just like Rasullulah n the rest of the khalifahs…insya Allah…watch omar series on youtube..

  151. azrul says:

    hope u will be in Cabinet after GE13…

  152. Jay bird says:

    Well written. No more explanations required.
    The corrupt are desperate. But its ok, because truth will prevail and change will happen.

    Good luck.

  153. ShaMu says:

    Ben is my nephew..When I view you in youtube, somehow, it always keep me thinking of Ben..Good luck to you, bro Rafizi..

  154. Toiman Paicho says:

    En Rafizi, gua memang caya u. Gua pun ex Petronas staff. Teruskan perjuangan bila-bila masa dan apa saja keadaan yang anda fikirkan perlu dilakukan. Syabas.. Allahuakbar

  155. lynn says:

    dear rafizi..

    thx for clearing the bad air that THEY brought for malaysians. I do believed in you very much. keep up your great ways in creating new things….scenarios…..for a new Malaysia. Frankly, I am very very very much feeling proud for knowing there is one more ‘anak malaysia melayu’ that can do everything that he feels right, not just ‘angguk-angguk’ all the times. And so very proud having a ‘saudara seIslam’ that conquered a mega company like PETRONAS in his hand with right attitude. Tq for stepping up for us malaysians that just cannot leave our safe armchairs. let us say with proud heart…..TAKBIR – ALLAHUAKBAR – TUKAR..!!!!

  156. thoro says:

    You will be one of the people I will story my grandchildren about.
    Hope to see you lead our country one day.

  157. Patrick Tan says:

    Our country needs people like you, leadership, integrity, honest and a pure heart to upbringing a young nation. I am ur man.

  158. Kak Lin Z says:

    Such an honour to have known an inspiring person as you.

    Al-faatihah to Ben…

  159. gf says:

    If only Malaysia has many more leaders like you. Keep up the good work. We are behind you.

  160. didi says:

    Wonderful reply. Malaysia needs more people like you. Wish you all the best and keep on fighting for Malaysia.

  161. che den says:

    a charasmatic individual such as Mr Rafizi is a great ICON to the will be a bless to our young generation to understand & follow his spirit.As a young Malaysian, we hope to see new faces & positive ideas after this coming GE13 and definitely vote for change.

  162. Yamin says:

    Not really interested with your name before.. but, your credibility amaze me! will support you in this pilihan raya’13.. ini kalilah.

  163. Ny says:

    Fantastic read. Perhaps one of the first worthwhile post on a political blog. You must be a strange man. Haha.

  164. Roger Tan says:

    Salute Bro.Rafizi,you are my Idol.Wish U all the best in your fight against the devil and best of luck to become MP of Pandan :-)

  165. Max says:

    Bravo, well said!

  166. jetmei says:

    You are a gem in ocean of gale.A brillant person who has a great career as one put…gold, glory and girl you seem to have it all. But, you choose to burn the ship and every wood and pieces of the ship serve to further your passion for the answer you seek. Keep healthy and diligent -the nation need you as a shining beacon.

  167. CHOW says:

    Malaysia needs young leaders like you whose passion is not silver and gold, but justice and righteousness for all. DSAI should make young leaders like you a cabinet minister.

  168. kusoh says:

    someone said the true assets of the nation is not the gold or silver it possess but the uprightness of it sons and daughters………….

  169. aidiahmad says:

    Allahuakbar! Teruskan perjuangan! Didoakan lebih banyak hati-hati insan tersentuh dengan penulisan sebegini dan kebenaran akan melata, ameen. Insan mana yang tidak mahu keadilan….

  170. suzi fauzi says:

    salam saudara rafizi, alhamdulillah..t truth wl prevail no matter what..u definitely will get my hubby vote in kg pandan, myself will be in ttwangsa otherwise u gonna get both votes fr us…All d best to u :)

  171. K. N. Singh says:

    Shabas we need to keep Malaysia clean The whole country is behind you We all need to take responsibility and get corruption out NOW!!!!

  172. John says:

    Mr. Rafizi, if one day you become the PM, make Lim Guan Eng your DPM. The two of you will make a great team to lead our country.

  173. dian says:

    rafizi, solat jgn tinggal ok. insyaallah, kita menang.

  174. LHS says:

    I am inpressed and always remember how Rafizi slammed KJ with the question
    “what happened to the millions of ringgit managed by your father-in-law and you?” in their debate.

    Vote Rafizi to be our next finance minister for a clean and just Malaysia.

  175. Byrd says:

    Malaysia needs more Malaysian like yourself. Thanks for inspiring us all for a better Malaysia.

  176. sree says:

    Malaysia’s future shining star

  177. Mystevey says:

    God bless you. Malaysia deserve better.
    Ini kalikah.

  178. Malini says:

    Very moving…you’re a man of dignity and highly principled. I wish you all the best and pray with the likes of you in PKR Malaysians will finally see change! GOD BLESS!

  179. Yusri says:

    For a start, tganu needs you in many ways.

  180. Reniv yong says:

    You did us all proud! Don’t worry what people say about you. Your performance speaks louder than anything else. The Raykat will always support your gallant, honest & true effort.Kudos to you.

  181. Dahlan A.Talib says:

    Well done bro,at this moment I start campained on PR parties via FB.By the way in JB who should I refer for the PRU 13 campaining programme.

  182. Adam HE Teoh says:

    Tuan Rafizi.. I sincerely hope one day we will have you as our PM.
    Then, there is still HOPE for Malaysia.

    Fellow RAKYAT.. Ini Kali lah!

  183. mevrouw toga says:


    Dear Rafizi,
    Ben was really the best friend and true & real brother you ever have. He was exactly the man in Quoatation ,”If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. John Quincy Adams.
    You are very fortunate to meet this man. i was having teary eyes when reading your confession.

    I make doa that you will unseat BN candidate in Pndan and you will be the YB in the Parlimen after PRU.

    Go go go Rafizi, Fight fight fight Rafizi, and Win win win you are the man!

  184. rahman says:

    hey….all the best u keep yr buddy’s promise.keep it up …crush all the way to sucess and WE PKR malaysian will all behind you.we need to change…5/5/2013

  185. Man says:


  186. Surprisingly, Rafizi’s social exposure is quite intense this week, on par with KJ. Perhaps due to Petronas issue :) Saifuddin Nasution need to work harder to increase awareness.

  187. anakbuah says:

    Well said! As ex-Petronas too, I support you all the way bro. Malaysia seriously need people like you.

  188. IBI says:

    It’s sad when there are people who would go all the way to tarnish a good man like you for the sake of politics. These degenerates do not deserve to stay in power for long. I just hope our prison is hig enough to house all of them.

  189. rocky says:

    Keep up the good job bro..go ahead to make the change..we always support u..

  190. Ezral says:

    Semoga Allah anda dan keluarga..

  191. Scotty says:

    As a expat living in Malaysia for 5 years now, I am stunned at the abundance of ignorance displayed on an daily basis by the majority of Malaysians I talk to. Malaysians are fantastic people. Friendly, obliging and modest but they need to wake up and see what is happening right in front of them. The current political leaders are obviously misleading the public through low grade allegations that are baseless and false. Where is the evidence to back up such serious claims.Why is the Rakyat so accepting of blatant corruption and misappropriation of public revenue. Why accept the idea that the PMs wife has a vast reserve of money saved to buy a ring worth RM 24 million? Even if this was the truth, then it also displays how far out of touch the ruling party is with the common man, the man in the street, the tax payer. Why accept the fact that Shahrizat squandered 250 Million of Rakyat money without a trace of accountability?. There is tangible evidence that this is exactly what happened. RM 250 million could have been effectively used in education, schools, health systems, public transport and so on. The amount of control through the incredibly bias media helps the cause of the ruling party. Suggesting that taking part of Bersih 3 Rally was haram. Using Islam as a political tool. At what lengths with these people go to in order to secure the very comfortable and privileged lives of their cronies and families? Without a change of Rakyat mindset, acceptance levels and an enforcement mentality, the greedy, self serving, and shameless individuals ruling over Malaysia’s population, this amazing country will become ultra elitist and the gap between the very rich and the working class will become irreparably vast.

  192. Asrof Gulam says:

    Good explanation BUT i think you need to translate to bahasa as I doubt the majority of the umnogok will understand english. If thats true that they will not understand your final paragraph and continue to make a fool of themselves.

  193. Lim Siew Huan says:

    Rafizi, You are great and so brave. You will make a great leader and Malaysia needs more of your type. GOD will be with you always.

  194. JO says:

    Truly inspiring in many ways. Go for it Rafizi…True Malaysians are behind you.

  195. ddanna813 says:

    you need to stand up and be counted, stop being an armchair critic…..

  196. Nur Azida Daud says:

    Dear Rafizi

    I was very moved by your story. What you did takes a lot of courage. perhaps this is your destiny. May Allah bless you always.

  197. AS Ibnushafie says:

    inspire young people to build the country towards physical and spiritual balance. Rafizi, you are a great young man and we are ready for you.
    live then the spirit of young people like us!!

    Sacrifice anything
    Property or life
    That’s love
    True and noble

    own interests
    no undesirable
    real happy
    Only the hope

    Sacrifice anything
    Property or life
    That’s love
    True and noble

  198. bhai says:


  199. bobkobein says:

    your farewell letter was epic. got more details. still talked about amongst the younger generation.

  200. Tan says:

    Keep on your fighting , we will support you

  201. nazri says:

    Salam Saudara Rafizi,

    Well done. I support your move. May I also propose something related to the “one small area of improvement” mentioned in the Assessment Centre report because it seems related to the current situation.

    In Pakatan Rakyat planning to topple the ruling government, indeed greater consideration on possible risks and contingency planning is needed. This requires creativity in anticipating a wide range of possible reactions by the incumbent including possible military-based retaliation. More importantly, a clear set of mitigation strategies and action must have been discussed, agreed and rehearsed particularly when PR subscribes to the idea that civil organisations are biased towards the ruling party. However, I am sure by now you have developed so much in this area of risks planning and mitigation and that there are many people in PR who can complement you in this department.

  202. Justin Then says:

    I hv the highest respect for you. With young leaders like Nurul Izzah and you, I hv faith we will hv a better Malaysia. God bless

  203. Crystal Lee says:

    Wishing you all the best and you brighten my day that there is still hope for Malaysia to shine again with inspiring young leader like you. IF PR win you must be appointed to audit Petronas account.

  204. Ir Azizan Razak says:


    Dari jawapan tuan di atas sudah dapat baca karektor tuan.
    100% setuju. Anda menjadi pembela golongan professional (berniaga/bekerja swasta) berpendapatan sederhana.

    Jgn lupa golongan kami yg sentiasa dilupai oleh pemerintah sekarang.

  205. Nadzreen Monostone says:

    Superb career and amazing life! Lady luck must be on your side :)
    Keep fighting for better tomorrows. We support you. Ini Kalilah.

  206. dok rok chettong says:

    abg member gym aku ms kt uia dulu ni…

  207. Saya NASIR says:

    We need people like you to head PETRONAS in near future and for better future FOR ALL MALAYSIANS.

  208. Scott says:

    As a expat living in Malaysia for 5 years now, I am stunned at the abundance of ignorance displayed on an daily basis by the majority of Malaysians I talk to. Malaysians are fantastic people. Friendly, obliging and modest but they need to wake up and see what is happening right in front of them. The current political leaders are obviously misleading the public through low grade allegations that are baseless and false. Where is the evidence to back up such serious claims.Why is the Rakyat so accepting of blatant corruption and misappropriation of public revenue. Why accept the idea that the PMs wife has a vast reserve of money saved to buy a ring worth RM 24 million? Even if this was the truth, then it also displays how far out of touch the ruling party is with the common man, the man in the street, the tax payer. Why accept the fact that Shahrizat squandered 250 Million of Rakyat money without a trace of accountability?. There is tangible evidence that this is exactly what happened. RM 250 million could have been effectively used in education, schools, health systems, public transport and so on. The amount of control through the incredibly bias media helps the cause of the ruling party. Suggesting that taking part of Bersih 3 Rally was haram. Using Islam as a political tool. At what lengths with these people go to in order to secure the very comfortable and privileged lives of their cronies and families? Without a change of Rakyat mindset, acceptance levels and a enforcement mentality, the greedy, self serving, and shameless individuals ruling over Malaysia’s population, this amazing country will become ultra elitist and the gap between the very rich and the working class will become irreparably vast.

  209. syed nidzamuddin says:

    A true leader with dignity and courage, May Allah helps you always.

  210. budak proton says:

    what a tremendous career that you had. senior manager at the age of 28 for a big company like PETRONAS? I wish i could follow in your footsteps. May Allah bless you, bro. Please change Malaysia.

  211. jack cobain pandan says:

    Assalamualaikum, sy pilih yg terbaik dari golongan yg terbaik seperti anda… Y.B Rafizi.
    umur kita hampir sebaya, tapi anda sangat cemerlang!!!
    saya doakan anda tidak lupakan kami bila di Puncak kelak.

  212. an electorate says:

    I pray that you will succeed in all your endeavours.

  213. Chew Yee says:

    You are a great guy… May you be blessed :)

  214. hurricanemax says:

    its never easy to walk away from a cushy corporate job, more so in petronas. But bro Rafizi, you have a different calling and the hope of the young ones, in this nation, come to rest on your shoulders. Good luck and Gua Caya Lu!

  215. S S Tan says:

    I signed up to say that if we have more politicians like you, Malaysia will definitely have a bright future.

    Thank you and be a caring Prime Minister in future.

  216. Aunty Noor says:

    Subhanallah you are an amazing young man . Articulate, principled, intelligent and ihsan. Semoga Allah berkati apa yang Rafizi perjuangkan bersama-sama DSAI. Take care and may Allah be with you. Ameen. Hope i will meet you one day with pakcik Ghafir.

  217. 888jackaroo says:

    maaf. tak berapa nak percaya la cerita anda ni. saya ni sekolah tak tinggi macam anda.. untuk pengetahuan anda, jika saya copy dan edit surat anda ini, letak nama saya pun boleh. saya boleh cakap saya hatar surat ke petronas. tapi sebagai petronas, mereka terima ke surat saya itu? anda ada bukti hantar, bukti mereka terima macamana?tak ada… lagi 1 cek anda yang bernilai RM41 091.80 tu petronas terima ke? bukti enerimaan? saya pun ada buku check. saya pun boleh keluarkan check. tulis je saya bayar si polan si polan RM 1000000.00. banyak tak duit saya. buat copy postingkn tayang kat mana2. si polan tu terima ke cek saya? org pun Xtahu… anda bayar pada siapa sebenarnya? peroliam nadional berhad ke atau petroliam nasional berhad? saper2 org andai percaya, tak tau la aku nk kata. aku ni tak pandai..udah2 ler tu rafizi. baik cepat tukar balik cek tu. postingkan balik kt sini. kelakar la lu ni bro…

  218. Andrew says:

    Bravo brother Rafizi. You certainly have the Rakyat’s support. Wishing you all the best in GE13. My wish for this beloved country is you be appointed Finance Minister s that you can turn around the huge deficit BN has created.

    Advance congratulation from me and my family.

  219. Wan says:

    Aku dulu penyokong kuat yang sebelah SANA tu. Kitorang memang takut
    dengan orang2 macam Rafizi ni. Sebab susah nak patahkan hujah DAN semangat derang.

    Tapi lately ni bila dah tengok dan kaji, memang betul.
    Keberatan atas rakyat yang diperkatakan tu memang aku terasa. Bulan2 memang bayar benda banyak sangat. Tak terbawak dengan gaji yang ada.
    Harap pakatan dapat tunjukkan apa yang dijanji kalau kitorang kasik

    Rakyat sakit, rakyat perit, rakyat terkepit.

  220. Jenal says:

    Satu pangkah for pandan..

  221. Hannah Hunt says:

    I see a man of integrity courageous enough to stand up for what’s right. You definitely belong in the think tank of the new govt that will be formed on 6th May 2013. Am looking forward to having people like you represent the rakyat. All the best!

  222. Xyz says:

    Cheque payable to perolium..?? Tak kena tendang ke cheque ni

  223. Sri says:

    Future PM of Malaysia. We are the future of Malaysia and we should change it for the next generation.

    May Allah bless you in the world and hereafter.

  224. Omar says:

    Salam Saudara Rafizi,
    I am not sure if you remember me. I was with the late Ben in Cambridge during 1993/94.I always think of Ben. Keep up the good work.

  225. MFr says:

    Salam Bro,

    We are from the same era at MCKK. I’d known since then that you are destined to be a great leader. Ben left us too early, but Allah’s love is greater than any of ours. May Allah bless Ben, He trully inspired me too. Can still picturing him drinking Coke like water hahaha… A brilliant chap, wondering what would it be if the two of you rampaging through our political jungle helping DSAI creating a better nation.

  226. syah7 says:

    Its a long and winding journey ahead of you. Stick to your principle and god willing you will succeed. The truth will always prevail. Insyaallah

  227. fhatiazait says:

    Im touched. @ the age of 27 being promoted to such high position…man…please be in parliament…we need to have many parliament member that know how to talk with FACTS and FIGURES…ur explanation makes me want to change my voting place to pandan…

  228. Bobby Lim says:

    As a Malaysian born and bred in Malaysia for the past 44 years, I’ve never felt more proud of being a Malaysian until I knew that although we don’t share the same God we still can be the same through our common belief that God do listens and will definitely put things right eventually. I can tell you now that you are definitely one of His many creations that will help change the world for Malaysians….
    Keep up the good work and God Bless.

  229. Panji Semirang says:

    Dear Rafizi,
    I felt my heart strings pull when I read your words. Dont let these vicious slime and slander derail your quest to be a righteous person because I am rooting for you to be the future PM of this nation.
    Chins Up

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