A Personal Note

It is not in my character to comment on private matters publicly. Contrary to the popular belief, I am a very private person and I treasure privacy more than anything else. Suffice to say, it has not been easy to cope with the demand of my party work that requires me to be in public space.

But I have been getting a lot of messages lately asking me to be extra careful. I truly appreciate it though at times I may appear to be amused by the whole thing. I could have appeared to be careless with the way I go about things especially my daily routines, so I am not at all surprised that people are concerned with my seemingly lack of attention to security details.

Given this backdrop, I feel like it is only polite to pen my thoughts if only to persuade my good friends that all are OK. People say we speak our mind, but we always write our heart. So this is what my heart feels.

My elders used to tell me that there is a fine line between bravery and foolishness, chivalry and a folly. Growing up, bravery did not rank top in my list of virtues precisely because a brave person can sometimes be the most foolish. Hence my amusement when at times, people ask what makes a person brave enough to ignore the threats and personal risks involved to stay in my line of job. It was certainly not bravery for I do not know bravery.

But I know right and wrong (or at least I believe so); and I know duty. Most importantly, I know the conviction that this life is a temporal being and a transient journey. Each of our deed in this life is nothing but a piece of life mosaic thereafter.

So the only choice that we have is to try to live a righteous life as we deem fit, leaving the endless possibilities of what can go wrong to Allah’s Ultimate Judgement and Mercy. Each of His gifts to us is a test – a bountiful of wealth is indeed a greater test than a pauper’s hunger.

And this is my test: I can’t ignore my conscience if I feel I may be able to make a little difference to the people around me. Let others judge us as a fool to follow our conscience because it is not in the realm of men to pass the ultimate judgement.

In times like this, I am always reminded of Tolkien’s great words, spoken by Gandalf that while we may have the greatest concerns of what may lie ahead, all we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us.

And so my friends; please be at ease knowing that I will be extra vigilant. What can or may happen is beyond us. I only ask for prayers while I enjoy every bit of this adventure 🙂

13 thoughts on “A Personal Note”

  1. Hi, Rafi, every footstep forwards there is various in lengths and weights, every sight we watched there is near or distance, every pitches we hear is either a deaf or sensitive vibrancies,every finger motions has differenced direction and strength.Effort and thought needs to balance. Humble and wisdom conceived a better men.Politic is a game to hold onto with a strong focus. Just as what we say “Allah and Iblis tinted a thin line in between. ” The good,the bad and the ugly let’s the Ultimate Allah do Judgement.Beware of the political gimmicks.

  2. character of a good leader & statesman …

    sokong you for jawatan FM and/or PM … take care & salam bersih

  3. A person of your (good moral)character and intellectual gift can shoulder any ministerial post, including PM, but Finance Minister, to begin with, would be best since it suits your background.

  4. Rafizi please do not be a politician, unlikely to be professional. The job you’re doing now is very professional indeed. Leave the rest to them. At times politicians do it best! You’ll make a great administrator I mean a professional minister if that portfolio exist(ed). Cheers!

    1. Quite understand ur concerns, Jay – but Fizi has chosen his path. Is it a step forward to fulfill his ambition, viz., to be the PM? Seems his career path is well-charted and irreversible though. Nonetheless, Fizi is like a polished diamond – shines wherever he is ‘thrown.’ He is doing ‘national service’ to our beloved country. For Malaysia to be ‘World Class’, we need more ‘first class’ leaders like Fizi. May God bless him with all the courage, strength, tenacity and guidance in the days (and many years) ahead … Ameeen.

  5. May Allah bless your adventure and journey…always worry about my baby brother…Nazmi…but my prayers are with all of you…..

  6. kami doakan yang terbaik buat mu Boss….
    Moga boss di bawah lindunganNYA
    hadapai dengan tabah….
    satu perjuangan…..

  7. …fisabilillah…the most important we have to put in mind for this whole journey and we leave the rest to ALLAH SWT (ALLAH maha mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk hamba-hambaNYA) our doa are always with u…insyaalah

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