Sout al Horeya/Sound of Freedom

I had the privilege to take some time off from the hectic schedule (what more after Eid-ul-Fitri) to join a group that brings together representatives of democratic forces from all over the world.

The exchanges give me the comfort that no matter how insurmountable we feel the task is at our hands; our brethren in other parts of the world fighting against corruption, autocracy and for justice have similar challenges with less resources at their disposal. That renews my faith that change is inevitable; it is a matter of time.

That brings me to an interesting juncture – who is responsible to bring change? Is change an exclusive turf of politicians? If we despise politicians so much, what do we do to become a change agent ourselves?

I was lucky that we were joined by a friend from Egypt; fresh from the revolution. She shared with us one song that had united the people and provided them a pillar of comfort that they would no longer fear Mubarak and the oppression. Beautiful words, beautiful clips and beautiful melodies.

What is more beautiful is the origin of the song – written by an underground artist and replicated and spread by hundreds of thousands of Egyptian youth.

Change is not an exclusive turf of politicians. Indeed, it is unfair to put the sole responsibility for change on the shoulders of politicians. I look forward to the near future when the forces of change in Malaysia will be joined in greater ranks and numbers by artists, musicians, social activists, youth and people who previously were disinterested in politics.

Enjoy the song, be amazed at the power of one song that united a country and defined a decade.

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