Party Interest Takes Precedence Over Political Posts

Generasi Reformasi embarked on this campaign with the main objective of elevating key youth issues and programs that can help the party to attract young voters, in our quest to Putrajaya. This includes the bread and butter issues such as rising cost of living, the necessary focus on building organisational strength and deep leadership bench among the youth leaders in the party.

Throughout the campaign, we have maintained that our final objective is not entirely to win posts but to ensure the next leadership of AMK is accountable to this agenda. Without our participation, it was feared that this election would have become a personality contest without an agenda for the youth and AMK.

To a certain extent, that objective has been met. Our message of internal reform within AMK has reached all states and been approved by thousands of AMK members whom we have met throughout our roadshows.

At the same time, the 13th General Election (13GE) is undoubtedly near and the party needs to give immediate attention to its preparation especially given the pre-occupation with internal party election so far. There are specific strategic roles and positions that need to be led by youth leaders in the party leadership line up going into 13GE.

Taking into account this immediate need and views of the party leadership, I have decided not to proceed with my earlier intention to contest the post of AMK Chief, so that I can concentrate on the election preparation immediately without waiting for the party election to conclude.

I am touched that my senior colleagues in Generasi Reformasi had taken the decision to withdraw too, in support and in solidarity of my decision to focus on 13GE work. It is a big sacrifice on their part and speaks volume of their sincerity in putting the party interest above political posts. I would like to say the heartiest thank you and congratulation to my colleagues:

YB Amirudin Shari, ADUN Batu Caves  (candidate for Deputy Chief of AMK)

YB Sim Tze Tzin, ADUN Pulau Jerejak (candidate for Vice Chief of AMK)

Sdr Halimey Abu Bakar, former AMK Chief of Selangor (candidate for EXCO)

Sdr Emmiza Hasmi Zul, former Deputy Division Head of Kampar (candidate for EXCO)

Sdr M A Tinagaran, Division Head of Ipoh Barat (candidate for EXCO)

Nevertheless, the agenda that we introduced remains relevant and important to breath a new life into AMK. My colleagues and I will continue to campaign to help our remaining candidates who will be contesting in this election.

I would like to ask for AMK members to give a full mandate to the following leaders who will bring our agenda for internal reform into AMK (while I and others contribute in other capacities in the mainstream party):

YB Kesavan Subramaniam, ADUN Hutan Melintang (candidate for Vice Chief of AMK)

Sdr Jaffery Jameon, AMK Chief of Kota Kinabalu (candidate for EXCO)

Sdr Yahya Sijari, AMK Chief of Bagan Datoh (candidate for EXCO)

Sdr Mohamad Azihan Che Seman, AMK Deputy Chief of Gombak and EXCO AMK Selangor (candidate for EXCO)

Sdr Saifullah Zulkifli, former Vice President of PKPIM and Secretary of International Bureau, PKR (candidate for EXCO)

Sdr Naim Jusri, former President of Karisma Students Group and Special Officer to ADUN Batu Tiga (candidate for EXCO)

I would also like to express my open support for YB Nurul Izzah Anwar’s candidacy for the post of Vice President since she too has been instrumental in formulating our agenda for internal reform and elevating the youth issues at the national level.

Generasi Reformasi would like to advise AMK members to choose the most qualified candidate for each post based on his/her vision, work performance so far, organisational leadership skills, the acceptance of the young voters, deep professional knowledge and the sincerity to serve the party, irrespective of which grouping they belong. Choose the candidates who can put the party interest over their own political ambition.

Finally, my colleagues and I would like to wish our gratitude to all who have assisted, supported us and shared our vision all this while. Our message is bigger than the party election, therefore we will work to galvanise the youth towards these objectives in whatever capacities we have in and out of the party.


Member of the Central Leadership Council of PKR/Division Head of Kemaman

Parti Keadilan Rakyat

16 October 2010

On behalf of Generasi Reformasi




2 thoughts on “Party Interest Takes Precedence Over Political Posts”

  1. thats a nice way of saying “i dont have enough support from the mass…” i suppose thats democracy… your godfather might be the ketua umum (or whatever he is called) but if the mass dont buy your message and dont see you as representing their ideals, then you aint got no feet to compete… Better luck next time.

  2. Salam bro,
    A lot more could have been achieved with you at the helm of AMK then just ‘highlighting and elevating’ the plight of the youth of the nation. I personally believe that Generasi Reformasi had a solid chance of not just winning the internal party elections, but also in inspiring the youth on their relevance to the struggle that is the development of our country. I find it disturbing that the reasons cited in giving up the pursuit of the AMK leadership was due to ‘party interest’…whatever that means. Does it actually mean that the previous intention of contesting was not for the good of the party? Was that all for personal interest only? Also the need to prepare for the next G.E? Well, a good organisation can delegate tasks well. Were there no one else who could help prepare for the G.E in the party that the task can be delegated to? I’m sorry bro…there might be some other hidden agenda to this or some internal instructions or just simply avoiding internal strife…it’s just a bit unacceptable for naive little me, especially because the reasons cited are not justifiable enough.

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