Rundingan Jemaah Menteri Masih Berjalan Dan Belum Dimuktamadkan

Saya merujuk kepada pengumuman yang dibuat YAB Tun Mahathir Mohamad sebentar tadi mengenai perlantikan tiga portfolio kanan dalam kerajaan iaitu Menteri Kewangan, Menteri Dalam Negeri dan Menteri Pertahanan.

Saya telah ditanya mengenai ketiadaan wakil KEADILAN di dalam mesyuarat dan semasa pengumuman perlantikan.

Saya ingin menjelaskan beberapa perkara yang menjadi latar belakang kepada pengumuman tersebut:

1. KEADILAN beranggapan perbincangan masih berjalan dan pengumuman yang dibuat tidak muktamad; dan

2. Sebarang keputusan mengenai apa-apa perlantikan mestilah dipersetujui secara bersama oleh keempat-empat parti di dalam Pakatan Harapan.

YAB Perdana Menteri, Tun Mahathir Mohamad sedang dalam perjalanan untuk berbincang dengan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim di Hospital Rehabilisasi Cheras mengenai perlantikan-perlantikan ini.

KEADILAN yakin proses rundingan yang mengikuti semangat muafakat akan membantu mengukuhkan kerajaan Pakatan Harapan.


15 thoughts on “Rundingan Jemaah Menteri Masih Berjalan Dan Belum Dimuktamadkan”

  1. Dear Rafizi. Thank you for everything. The cabinet must be named to move things forward. Like the investigations into wrong doing and country’s stability. Tun is a very seasoned and wise man. Please let him take the reins. The cabinet can be reshuffled at later time. It is imperative to safe guard the country and rakyat’s confidence.

  2. Rafizi… I have immense respect for you and your cause and i voted likewise. For change.
    After a long and tiring fight, there are news about you being unhappy about all these positions and so on. I was hesitant to believe it at first but there is also an audio recording. The whole nation is waiting for the formation of a new cabinet, if you have any disagreements, please handle it internally. It’s bad in its timing and also content. Please please please work TOGETHER… For Malaysia.

  3. I completely agree that all 4 parties should be in agreement. It’s crucial that you stay true to Your parties original ideas . I feel the alliance/pakatan success at inspiring the people to come out and help their nation was a phenomenal success but this next stage is even more crucial. All parties have had a long and arduous journey, so being Ernest and staying true to party ideology should be utmost .

  4. We are very proud to be Malaysian with the formation of new government, as we see hopes for better future. A big thanks to all the political parties and also the Rakyat for making this a reality to everyone of us. While we , the Rakyat, can be united and call ourselves as Malaysian, we hope the new government can be united too by showing and leading us with good examples. Making sensitive statement at this point of time can be misleading to the Rakyat. Please don’t fail us, the Rakyat ! Thanks.

  5. Saudara Rafizi Ramli, saya mengikuti setiap perkembangan dan perjuangan YB sekian lama. TERHARU DENGAN SAUDARA YANG BERNEKAD UNTUK MEMBANTU RAKYAT SEPERTI SAYA MENEGAKKAN KEBENARAN DEMI NEGARA. Saya amat bangga mempunyai seorang insan yang beria ia memperjuangkan dan menegakkan keadilan demi rakyat. Teruskan perjuangan saudara dan rakyat akan bersama Y.B

  6. I thought so! The earlier false report was so out of character for Rafizi! I just skipped thinking time will throw up the truth! The fact is 4 parties in PH! PM to PPMB, DPM to PKR, Fin Min to DAP, Def Min to AMNH, Home Min to PPMB! These are all the senior ministries & we can see that the posts are given roughly by no of MPs in each party! PPMB 2 senior posts, but Tun M is special case! When all settled (roughly 2 yrs) PM post goes to PKR-Anwar. Having followed Rafizi after 2008 elections til now, I think he would accept this logic! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if major input for this scheme came from him. Knowing him, if you asked him he would probably laugh it off! He seldom blows off people from his own party or allies, esp the older ones like LKS, Anwar, Kak Wan, Tun, Muhyi etc ⚖✊?

  7. Mr Rafizi, someone is trying to tarnish your image and PKR by creating a post actually several times in FB saying you are not happy about the cabinet discussion and PKR not happy that their wasn’t a post allocated for PKR…please to rectify this matter as i think this is a political gimmick to make PH look like they aren’t stable and I as a Sarawakian Malaysian don’t wish to happen as we in Sarawak is also still on going fighting a battle on NCR land rights of the Dayaks

  8. Kenape wakil pkr tidak hadir mesyuarat majlis presiden pada hari jumaat?…rujuk laporan malaysia kini…mesyuarat ini untuk tetapkan kabinet..

    Adekah tun tidak jemput?…

  9. salam re4maC
    # difahamkan (@ perlembagaan) lantikan menteri kabinet (perlu) dibuat oleh ydpa
    soalan : apakah pm telah mendahului peraturan (peruntukan) ini?
    # cybertroopers (munkin macai pm / bersatu) kini sdg serang sdr & pkr
    soalan : apakah strategi sdr & pkr dalam perkara ini

  10. Ketukan demi ketukan keatas Sdr rafizi; mula-mula Ambiga, sekarang pula Khairuddin. Persoalannya, kenapa membuat bantahan secara terbuka ?
    Sudah selama ini , Sdr Rafizi memperjuangkan nasib rakyat melalui cara yang terbuka dan bukannya secara tertutup; kononnya, ini rahsia , itu pun rahsia , buatlah luar nampak cantik-cantik.
    Biarlah era PH bermula dengan satu suara bantahan sebuka-bukanya dari hati nurani adalah lebih baik dari satu suara sebulat manapun yang mungkin menghakis kedudukan moral dan tujuan asal Reformasi.

  11. No worries Mr.Rafizi. We appreciate your hard work. You will reward for your hard work. We love you too. Just be with PH and continue your support. God bless you!

  12. Hi Rafizi, I read with dismay the unfortunate negative reactions of Malaysians to your posting on the 3 appointments by Tun. I support your underlying patriotic motivations, but also feel that in future, such similar justifiable assertions like yours be first communicated internally. In humility, I hope to suggest that the new coalition of parties set up an aporopriate mechanism so as to reduce ‘noises’ from the public . The road ahead will be bumpy but we now have good hopes for our beloved country; my suggestion is motivated by the desire to ensure a smoother journey to an inevitable good destination for Malaysia.

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