Ramalan Keputusan PRU14 Berdasarkan Kajiselidik 11,991 Pengundi Setakat 4 Mei 2018

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  1. PH dijangka menang 111 kerusi di Semenanjung berbanding 54 kerusi kepada BN. Ini bermakna PH boleh membentuk Kerajaan Persekutuan dengan 10 – 15 kerusi tambahan dari Sabah dan Sarawak.
  2. PAS dijangka tidak memenangi sebarang kerusi Parlimen.
  3. Beberapa menteri kanan dijangka akan tewas dalam PRU14.

4 thoughts on “Ramalan Keputusan PRU14 Berdasarkan Kajiselidik 11,991 Pengundi Setakat 4 Mei 2018”

  1. morning yb rafizi ramli, my name is lim fong, i am a voter in ampang taman cahaya, you might remember me in youtube’s mangkuk tingkat video, as a volunteer in invoke space working with fitri madihah matt shawn, i have learned how important it is to participate in paca phonebank data entry, to me invoke is the single most crucial ngo in malaysia in our victory in Malaysia GE14. Your courage, determination, sheer bravery in parliament, campaign on truck and functions in schools halls and everywhere else, together with our fearless rakyat who had defended our ballot boxes in voting, you represent an outstanding true clean leader among many others in Pakatan Harapan, i want to salute to you and your family, thank you so much.

  2. The people have given PH mandate to govern based on their Manifesto and not by allowing opposition MP’s from being directly allowed to join PH component parties. This would errode confidence and also shows a bad example of politics to the younger generation this will slowly but surely affect PH in the future.

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