Teh Tarik Bersama Rafizi @ Setiap Rabu

Saya selalu didatangi oleh ramai anak muda terutamanya golongan professional mengenai peluang dan cara untuk menyumbang kepada KEADILAN.

Ada yang mendaftar menjadi ahli tetapi tidak pernah tahu bagaimana menyertai aktiviti.

Ada yang mahu menyumbang buah fikiran tetapi tidak tahu melalui saluran mana.

Ada yang tidak tahu pun bagaimana menyertai KEADILAN.

Golongan professional selalunya berhadapan dengan kesukaran untuk bergiat aktif dalam mana-mana parti politik kerana pandangan sinis bahawa mereka mahu naik cepat dan tidak sanggup bersusah payah.

Jika saudara/i mahu menyumbang kepada KEADILAN tetapi tidak tahu bagaimana atau mahu tahu selok belok menjadi orang politik muda di dalam KEADILAN, saya jemput saudara/i untuk minum teh tarik dan bersembang mengenai perkara-perkara ini.

Setiap hari Rabu kedua dan keempat tiap-tiap bulan, saya akan luangkan dua jam di antara 9 malam hingga 11 malam untuk berbual dengan 6 hingga 8 orang yang mendaftar untuk menyertai program ini. Saya harap ia memberi ruang kepada saudara/i golongan muda bersuara dan menyumbang pandangan, sementara saya berpeluang mendengar maklumbalas orang muda.

Saudara/i yang berminat untuk menyertai sessi teh tarik (kurang manis) bersama saya setiap Rabu ini boleh mendaftar di:

Daftar untuk Sertai Teh Tarik Bersama Rafizi @ Setiap Rabu


There are always people especially young professionals who query on how to contribute to KEADILAN.
Some have already registered as members but do not know how to join our activities.

Some have ideas but do not know where to channel those ideas.

Some don’t even know how to join KEADILAN.

In reality, the young professionals always find it difficult to start in a political party because of the perceived obstacle they have to face at the grass root level stemming from the cynicism that the young professionals expect fast track in politics.

If you want to contribute to KEADILAN but do not know how or if you want to explore what it is like to be a young politician in KEADILAN, I would like to entertain your questions and thoughts over teh tarik.

Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, I will spend 2 hours from 9pm to 11pm to chat about everything under the sun with 6-8 pre-selected young professionals who register for the program. I hope it is a good avenue for the young professionals to give their opinions on various issues while I can take stock of my own understanding of the young generation’s issues and aspiration.

You can register by completing the googleform so that we can pre-select and contact successful candidates:

Register for Teh Tarik with Rafizi @ Wednesday


3 thoughts on “Teh Tarik Bersama Rafizi @ Setiap Rabu”

  1. Salam. Its about time keadilan taps into its human resources within the party which, i believe, has untill today been largely untapped. I am myself a life member of the party and my experience with the party structure and machinery – even during PRU13 – has not been a happy one. The party is not reaching out to its members in the manner and to the extent that it should and as such, either loses or does not gain as much ground as it should. This is an exceedingly unfortunate situation given keadilan’s struggle to liberate this country and its people.

    1. Agree Sdr, that’s why I am initiating this. We do not systematically make use of our members, Insya Allah this is set to change.

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