YB Dr Dzul: PKR youth contenders all set for showdown

YB Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, the MP for Kuala Selangor and an intellectual jewel of Pakatan Rakyat wrote an encouraging piece on the much publicised American-style presidential debate planned for AMK Chief candidates on 18 September 2010. The support  from such a senior Pakatan leader like him – and one whose moderate views are always looked upon for guidance in the midst of artificial turmoils of our society of late – means a lot to amateurs like me. I can’t speak on behalf of others, but I hope this endorsement creates as much excitement among the youth out there (as much as it does for me) that for once – political contest is not just about popularity, incumbency, personality; but most importantly ideas and visions.

I first encountered Dr Dzul rather recently as we (myself, YB Dr Dzul and YB Tony Pua) represented our respective parties in a working committee formulating Pakatan’s response to the proposed GST. A few meetings later and 3 roadshows in Shah Alam, JB & Penang – we become acquainted and started to share notes on many issues, especially on the state of Malaysia’s economy.

Thanks for the encouragement and let’s hope we continue to promote healthy debates on ideas and visions as a new trend in political culture; just as we celebrated the 53rd Merdeka 🙂

Read YB Dr Dzul’s piece here.

3 thoughts on “YB Dr Dzul: PKR youth contenders all set for showdown”

  1. ..all this phds…tak ada guts no point.real guts is when you invest real money and see it grow or otwise.not
    clever ideologies all the time.

  2. 1.)go get the positon
    2.)go get the new voters
    3.)deliver yr promise
    4.)follow up with the youth.

    to get new voters,make sure they know how to be members.this is very lacking in pkr.
    also answer all your sms.get your assistant to answer for you.this is important.

  3. thnks Ivan & Sambapati,

    i take the feedback and suggestions with open arms & humility. the real work is in executing this well, so whoever leads AMK, hopefully can follow up the way you’ve outlined 🙂

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