#tweetupGE13 “A New Malaysia Rises: Confident Young Malaysians”

Satu #tweetup santai akan diadakan untuk mengupas isu-isu yang dekat dengan soal keyakinan orang muda pelbagai kaum dalam Malaysia Baru selepas PRU13, contohnya:

1) Bolehkah generasi baru Melayu/Bumiputra bersaing dengan bangsa-bangsa lain dalam sistem yang memberi sokongan kepada golongan yang memerlukan, bukan lagi berasaskan kaum?

2) Bagaimana bentuk masyarakat dan hubungan kaum dipupuk sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat menang dalam PRU13?

3) Apa aspirasi orang muda pelbagai kaum dalam sebuah Malaysia Baru yang dibina selepas perkembangan politik PRU13?

Maklumat mengenai #tweetup santai tersebut adalah seperti berikut:

Tarikh : 1 Mei 2013 (Rabu)
Masa : 4 petang
Tempat : Pandan Perdana Lake Club

(GPS dan maklumat lanjut disertakan bersama).

Program #tweetup adalah terbuka kepada semua.


I am organising an informal #tweetup to articulate nation-building issues that are pertinent especially to the younger generation, for example:

1) How confident are the young Malays that they are able to compete in a new Malaysia which prioritises government programs by needs, not by race?

2) What kind of harmony can Pakatan Rakyat forge between various groups in a new Malaysia?

3) What are the aspirations and wishes of young Malaysians in a post-GE13 new Malaysia?

Details of the #tweetup are as follows:

Date : 1 May 2013 (Wednesday)
Time : 4 pm
Venue : Pandan Perdana Lake Club

(GPS coordinates & further details are attached).

The #tweetup is open to all.

One thought on “#tweetupGE13 “A New Malaysia Rises: Confident Young Malaysians””

  1. I am a follower of your ceramah and I have also watched your debate with KJ via youtube. You have brought up issues which many politicians would not bring up and I hope you will continue with your struggle tobring justice to the rakyat. However, I seek your kind assistance to spend some time to evaluate the condition of government hospitals in this country which I believe you will agree with me that more emphasis is required to ensure the rakyat is given the required medical care.

    I am not a politician but a firm believer in good medical care for the poor. I have been fighting hard by writing to the hospital authority, Kementarian Kesihatan and even to JPM. I was lucky to solved some of the problems for the residents in ULU Langat though I’m residing in Subang Jaya.

    I saw with my own eyes how kampong folks were treated and how doctors have to work round the clock without adequate medical equipments. I have been to many government hospitals and you will be shock to see some of the district hospital condition.

    This is my only request if you are elected to form the new government. I have done my small part to assist the rakyat. Let the poor folks be treated with proper medical aid and treated with respect. I get very upset when I see poor old folks are not treated fairly just because of ” peruntukan untuk perubatan di bekukan sementara”.

    Thank you for reading my email and I wish you all the best in this coming election.

    Kind regards

    P/S I’m writing using my BB and apologise for any spelling error or grammar mistakes.

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